snake in the grass

The snake in the grass is a majestic creature.   It’s beauty comes from it’s false smile and ability to transform it’s appearance and words to create a culture of upset and anger.

It lives in many environments .. the work place, the local pub and more often than not, on the internet and has a wonderful ability to pick one of it’s many faces at random.   Disguising the jealousy and hate it feels behind a large smile and wide eyes.

The snake in the grass is one of the most dangerous creatures on earth.   It can destroy friendships and relationships at will, and for no reason.

It’s need for attention is legendary, and it gathers information that it can twist and manipulate in it’s own mind to suit every situation.

The snake in the grass is driven by it’s inferiority and jealousy complexes, that do eventually come to the fore.

There is no way to kill the snake in the grass … and there is no vaccine against it’s venom.

We must, at all costs, avoid these creatures.. and let Karma deal with them, as it surely will.