This is a busy time for us Celebrants … as the winter creeps in we are (sadly) busier on the funeral front but, for Celebrants, trained in funeral and wedding ceremonies we also have to prepare for the summer wedding season!

This Sunday I will be at the Glen Pavilion in Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline as part of the Wedding Co-op Group … a great group that covers all you would ever need for your wedding! 

At this event we are having a wedding fashion show and a band showpiece …. entry is free and you will be amazed at what is on offer!

If you are thinking of getting married why not pop in for a chat with me (if you are looking for a non religious wedding ceremony) .. or with many of the other exhibitors who provide such great work that I wish I was getting married myself! *smile*

visit this link for my website that explains everything I do as a Celebrant