We all have our cages.

image by knowledgehi.com

image by knowledgehi.com

Responsibility, obligation, expectation, guilt, money.

These are the things that trap us within our own lives.

I am, in many ways very lucky, my only responsibility is to me.   I do not have the pressure of someone else’s happiness to worry about.

Obligation, well I am also lucky enough not to feel obligated to anyone.  Thankful and Grateful yes .. obligated .. no.

Expectation, this did trap me for a while .. I followed the path of what I thought was expected of me until I realised the path I was on did not make me happy.   

Guilt … ah guilt .. probably my biggest nemesis … but over time and acknowledging this is myself I have managed to mostly put this behind me. Although to be fair this has been helped by the behaviour of others that has made me sit up and think!

Money… probably the biggest reason that most of us are trapped and in some ways I still am.   My new business is going OK .. but I do live on my own, and I do have to pay the bills.   I have sacrificed quite a lot over the last year, sometimes for weeks on end I have no social life and now I have to make choices on what my money has to be spent on .. I really wanted to buy a ticket to go and see Texas yesterday … but my hoover started belching out smoke … in the end I bought a hoover.

I am not complaining the lack of money really .. I expected it and prepared for it … I am quite happy in my own company and have one or two wee new hobbies to keep me occupied when I get a bit bored.

As my business grows I know that money will become less of a worry .. for now it is my main one .. but in the years to come this will hopefully change.

I know that when it does I will truly be free and that is one fantastic feeling!