Sometimes life is not easy.   Sometimes everything seems wrong, out of place and you find yourself in turmoil.  The heavy brick in your stomach feeling seems permanent and the arguments in your own head are constant.

This is life.   It is like that.    What you have to remember is that it will not always be like this .. I know you have a lot of changes going on in your life right now … big changes, big decisions that a part of you does not want to make, but a part of you knows you must.friends

I know you worry, torn between responsibility and what you really want and that says a lot about you (although you may not realise it!) … you are not the same person you were .. you are not the “oh lets just do it” type of person who bounced your way through life into different situations that temporarily gave you peace.

You are older now, more responsible, still as much fun though (and that is good!) .. but you have become the person you are through hard work, experience and maturity.

You asked me once “what is it we have” .. and I replied “I don’t know but I like it” … and that still applies … you are more than a friend, less than a lover … you hold a very unique place in my life in my heart and although I know from experience that life and time sometimes changes things, rest assured I will always be here for you with my nagging advice and tutting *smile*

For now, with all the changes that you are going through there are some that need to be put to one side always needs a constant thing in your life when you are changing other parts of your life.    I know that too from experience.

Wherever you end up, whoever you may become, I will be there for you.   I may not always agree with you (as you know I don’t) but you know I always tell you .. and I will continue to.

At the end of the day, the changes you make will be down to you, they have to be decisions that you make and that are the best for you, things that will make you happy.   Leave the guilt behind, it’s a terrible thing, just do what you have to.

You are my friend, you are a beautiful woman.  I treasure you.