I was commenting on a post last night from a young girl who has just come out to her parents .. her dad hasn’t taken it too well and she is obviously upset.   I told her to give him time, and I think that is the right thing to do.   People react in different ways to accepting what they don’t want to accept .. and everyone needs a little time to adjust.

There does come a point when you have to draw the line.

No matter what you are trying to fix, there does come a point when you have to hold your hands up and say “Well .. I tried .. the problem isn’t me .. it is you” .

If you find yourself at the end of excuses that you know are not true, you have to stop making excuses for people, you have to accept that no matter how much “time” you give them, they are incapable of changing, either out of immaturity, pride or sadly, just not being able to be honest enough with you or themselves.

Some people just cannot see past their own needs, they have no wish or understanding to accept anything that does not fit with their life or story .. how THEY want things to be.    No matter how had you try, you cannot mend or help someone who refuses to accept it.

You simply have to accept this, it is not easy, whether it be a parent, friend or ex lover .. you do still want to believe that they care enough to salvage something from what you had … this cannot always be.

Do not let your guilt and their knowledge of how to “press your buttons” win .. accept what was, accept was is and walk away .. some people will never find happiness .. not because of anything you do .. or don’t do .. but because of who they are .. and sadly some people cannot admit they are wrong.

Be strong, be brave .. and as someone else said on the thread  “be a tiger”