Second visit of the week to Abdur at Fife Physiotherapy Centre …. that man likes to torture! …. but in all seriousness after just two visits I am already feeling the benefits of his hard work.

He has told me that he has years of tightened muscles to fight in my leg and that it may be painful for me (it is!) … He is also working on my back as the muscles from the shoulder blades down are far too tight because they  are compensating for my limp!

For the first time in a lot of years I can walk and stand on the whole of my left foot and not just the ball … but he did point out to me that now, by habit, I am still tending to weight bear on my right … so I have to change my thinking a bit on that!

As far as my back goes, I can now move freely … I still have some discomfort in my hips but that is due to my arthritis so he won’t be able to do much with that … but I am hoping that after a few more sessions I can walk normally and for a reasonable distance again.

After all these years of being so fed up because nothing seemed to work, and just being plied painkillers, I honestly think I may have found a solution in this amazing man!

I fly down to Gatwick later today for a few days with Linda … she is going to be stunned at how well I am walking! I may even do a little trot towards her!

(then again …… maybe not!)