I love this photo of my wee Sprout! …. it was taken at the Mutt Hutt in Glenrothes, where she goes on a Saturday for an hours play with other dogs.  She will miss it this week coming as I am off down south to see Linda for a few days and Sprout is going to her uncle Barry’s and Neil’s for a wee holiday!

When my old dog Brae died, I really didn’t think I could ever love another dog so much, but this wee cheeky soul has wormed her way into my heart.  Her name Sprout really suits her … she is cheeky and full of happiness at the smallest of things (although she does murder any stuffed toy within 2 minutes of getting it!).

I will miss my wee girl when I am away … although it will be nice to have a rest from making my bed at least half a dozen times a day!