I woke up this morning full of beans … considering I only managed about 4 hours sleep, that was pretty amazing.

With the help of my brother, we emptied Alice Alice (you should see the state of my spare room!) … and I dealt with loads of messages about my advert … some pretty cheeky offers in there too! no viewings arranged yet but have a couple of offers from dealers that I “may” consider if she doesn’t sell in a week or two.

Later today, my pal Leanne came over … and then a couple arrived to pick up my stripey chairs … I love them, but bad memories and I have a new sofa coming soon!

We were sitting chatting and I happened to mention that I had been looking on line and found a caravan that I planned to go and have a look at … and .. yup … you guessed it .. off we went.

I liked the caravan … liked a couple actually … but was then shown one that blew me away … it was more money that I intended to spend (savings took a bit of a hit!) .. but she is perfect … she has everything I want, a mover, a solar panel, gas and electric cooking and 2 dining areas that can convert into two doubles or one double and two single beds.

I will be picking her up as soon as Alice Alice goes … (no room to park my new van at the moment) but she needs to have a wind out awing fitted first anyway … I can’t manage a “proper awning” but the wind out one on Alice Alice was great … so I have ordered one to be fitted …  I am delighted … Alice Alice sadly lost all interest for me after all the trouble I had with her … I fell out of love and I know I won’t fall back again … so … bugger it … who else can I spend my money on, if not me!