It is always there.  That empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Sometimes it easys a little … sometimes it is a deep pain that I can’t shift… but it is always there.

It is a strange feeling to love someone so deeply, that you know that no matter what, you always will.   You want them to be happy, but you don’t want know all about what makes them happy.

It is easy to forget the lies and the excuses… but not so easy to forget how they made you feel.

You just have to accept that, for some, deep love is something they cannot give to a partner, they want the excitement that always dies down.   They want the idea of love, but have no idea of what real love really is.

But you know, you know that one day they will.   You know you are still in their thoughts and you know they will never tell you.

For you it was love.  For them a stepping stone… and you know will you never get the honesty you deserved.