I have decided that the caravan is taking up too much room in my car parking space … and have discovered that spaces are available at the top end of my village for storage … good price too! … so I am off there tomorrow morning to have a week look at what is available before I head to a family visit.

Ros has been over in Arran all week on holiday with her aunt … but she is home tomorrow and I have promised to cook dinner (eeeek!!) … and on Sunday we are off to Picture of Health (my gym) for a swim and then a lunch at the restaurant at the Keavil… Ros is considering joining my gym too … and it would be great to be able to exercise together… although at the moment, for Ros, it will just have to be a little exercise when she is able.

It is funny how sometimes you meet someone in life who really does understand you.   I am not always able to do what I want to do (although to be fair, my back is much better, it is only my arthritis that bugs me now … and that is not that often!) … and Ros is much the same … we joke that together we have one fully fit body between us … perhaps that is true!

I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow … it is wonderful to have someone who can make you laugh and who you can be completely open and honest with … and get the same in return!  It makes a nice change!