At last (after 2 weeks!) I am back swimming again, I still have a trapped nerve in my neck, but it is less painful and annoying now!

Today Ros and I washed and polished the caravan (Ros up the ladder and me underneath it keeping it steady and getting soaked!)… we are all ready for our wee holiday down to LFest at Llandudno, followed by a couple of days chilling time in Cumbria.

I have my car back and now I the middle of wills with Nissan. I won’t lose this battle…. car was under warranty and Nissan forgot to update their records with my personal plate… butare now trying to pass the buck to the RAC!!! It wasn’t their fault… and they were bloody fabulous!…. bring it on Nissan… remember wee midgies can be terrible enemies!!

Tonight we are chilling…. last night we sat up chatting till 4.30am…. no wonder we are tired!!