Ros is a knitter… in fact Ros is very crafty (in a good way). She is trying (and failing!) to teach me how to knit… I can’t even get the casting on right!!

Today we had a lovely walk on the Cumbrian coast before visiting a specialist wool and craft shop in Caldbeck (just up the road from the site we are on). We are even planning a trip down to the wool and craft show next year… even though I was walking around the shop gobsmacked at the price of some of the wool!!

Tonight the weather is really bad… but we are warm and cosy in the van… Ros is knitting away… quite happy with the world… me… well I don’t want to burst her bubble by telling her I think the awning may be blown off!

Tomorrow I should find out when I get my xtrail back… the RAC have given me a wee Citroen to use… I bloody hate it…. but as long as I get my car back by Thursday, all will be well… I have a wedding reception to go to on Friday!!