Last year I didn’t make LFest due to problems with my Motorhome… but this year Ros and I happily set off… until warning lights appeared on my Dashboard….”

The alternator that was replaced by Western Nissan last week (and 2nd new battery in a fortnight!) failed yet again! They can’t give me a car with a tow bar and so we are stuffed!

Managed to get booked into a site in Cumbria and car is now with Nissan in Carlisle.

Nissan has no cars to loan to me, but once again the RAC came up trumps… at least we are mobile.

I am awaiting the report from Carlisle before taking this further… so far Nissan owe me £266 for the battery I had to pay for… (car is under warranty), £240 for the LFest tickets and £110 for the campsite I am now stuck at!

No doubt I will have a battle on my hands still… but if they think I am some weak willed pathetic woman… they are seriously in for a shock! I have a good wee solicitor who is equally as determined as me.