I have started learning to knit … simply because I have absolutely no talent at anything crafty and I always admire people who can make things … I did delve into making candles … but I was hopeless at that (and a fire hazard!).

Ros has taught me how to knit … and although I am not very good yet (may never be!), I find it a wonderful way to relax … it is as good as swimming for easing my mind!

I have been whinging that I didnt have a proper bag for my knitting (nothing the right size … everything was too wide, too small or too big ….

After a massive weekend of stress  (my sister had been admitted into hospital with cellulities and sepsis in her leg) … I was exhausted last night … I went to bed early and when I woke up, Ros had made me a quilted bag for my knitting!    I am seriously impressed! … told her she should make more and sell them!