Even though it is a “guie dreech” day (which is Scottish for wet and miserable!) … I managed to drag myself out of bed and head up to the gym for a swim … only 30 lengths today as my arthritis is playing me up but at least it loosened me up a wee bit.

On the way home I thought I would treat myself and my partner Ros to a breakfast roll (sometimes the diet has to be put to one side!) … however, eating it proved to be a little bit of a problem! …  my new family addition Pixie, joined Sprout and Jak the cat in watching every mouthful… they had all just been fed too! … Gawd knows how I have a weight problem with these moochers around!

It has been a fortnight since Pixie joined the clan. A very happy fortnight too! she has been a wee angel, not one problem and Sprout loves having a wee sister (although Pixie is 10 months older than she is, she is a lot smaller than the eleflump that is Sprout!) … but both are great dogs, friendly, cuddly … even if they do like to bark!