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I found myself with an enforced time out today … I had to take my car to the garage and since I didnt have any visits or funerals today, I decided to just wait on the oil being changed.

I was there for 2 hours … just “hinging aboot” … but you know what, I enjoyed it!

I knew I had to pop in to see my 2 friends and also that I had to get home to write two tributes before some friends come over this evening for a “dog park adventure” with the mutts … and although normally all of this would play on my mind and I would be worrying about whether I would get everything done on time, I decided to not worry … and to just relax!

I ended up having a right giggle with a couple of guys who were waiting for their cars and the cleaner who kept offering me shortbread … even though I told her that I would only accept cash … *smile*

I left the garage after finding out that my brake pads are needing replaced and I need a new front tyre … over £300 … but you know what … who cares, I have the money to cover it … Im putting the car back in to repaird in a couple of weeks to have the work done … and I am going to take the time to relax again! … I might even have a bit of shortbread this time …