In memory of Mary Oliver

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Who died today … a mistress of words of love

Love Sorrow

Love sorrow. She is yours now, and you must
take care of what has been
given. Brush her hair, help her
into her little coat, hold her hand,
especially when crossing a street. For, think,

what if you should lose her? Then you would be
sorrow yourself; her drawn face, her sleeplessness
would be yours. Take care, touch
her forehead that she feel herself not so

utterly alone. And smile, that she does not
altogether forget the world before the lesson.
Have patience in abundance. And do not
ever lie or ever leave her even for a moment

by herself, which is to say, possibly, again,
abandoned. She is strange, mute, difficult,
sometimes unmanageable but, remember, she is a child.
And amazing things can happen. And you may see,

as the two of you go
walking together in the morning light, how
little by little she relaxes; she looks about her;
she begins to grow.”

― Mary Oliver, Red Bird

Boogie Bounce!

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Oh my gawd …. I went to my first Boogie Bounce Class tonight … it was a class that I was recommended to give a try from the instructor where I do my Clubbercise …

It was brilliant fun … although I couldn’t always keep up … but it was good fun … I think my legs are going to kill me tomorrow …

I am not brave

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I just refuse to let the world beat me.


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I have treated myself to a Fitbit … or Fatbit’s as I call them …  it is quite amazing what it totes up … seemingly during the night I woke up 14 times and climbed a flight of stairs … I have NO idea what I was dreaming about … I don’t remember waking up 14 times either … a couple of times yes … but no wonder I am tired in the morning if my sleep is being disrupted that much!

Made a mad dash from Dunfermline to Alloa today for my “Golden Girls” time in the pool … I had planned to go this Friday too but I have taken 4 funeral bookings today and need to use Friday afternoon for visits … although I think I can still (at the moment) manage a session in Dunfermline … but I will wait and see on work!

Next week is going to be a nightmare … 8 funerals, my car going in for repair after some idiot ran into it in Tesco’s car park just before Christmas (and didnt leave a note)… and my bedroom and office are being decorated! … I am just glad I have a spare bedroom … I will need to sleep in there and work in the living room!

The house is really coming together now … nice and bright and just how I want it … in fact, my life is really coming together … even though I am run off my feet with work, I am still managing to exercise, my diet is going well and the weight is dropping off and my back is feeling a lot better (thanks to an amazing physio!) …

So far 2019 is being amazing … long may it continue!

The purpose of life

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The purpose of life is to live. Not to hold back, nor to shy away from things that scare you. Not to hold onto regrets or feel guilt about your past. Not to be told how to live or be dictated to. Not to give in the will of others or be forced to choose between one thing or another. You are you, beautifully flawed and unique .. live your life your way. Grab it, shake it and laugh to the end.

A gift for me…

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And now my life is no longer caught up in the mess of others.

Dieting and exercising for me again… not because of someone else!

Feeling bloody great!

How I seem to go through life …

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