Today I have taken 1 wee brave step for me.. I have booked myself into a hotel in Chester to go to a meet for the girlies off Pink Sofa.

I know some of these women from online .. I speak to 5 or 6 of them on a regular basis and I’m looking forward to meeting them in real life!

It may be a bit of a risk for me .. but I decided to make the most of a long weekend as I feel I have been cooped up for a couple of weekends in the house and have been very bored.

I thought about it carefully .. what if I don’t like the company, well .. doesn’t really matter, I have friends who own a pub in Chester and I can always just sit in their pub and get slowly drunk!.

I tend to think myself out of doing a lot of stuff .. I put up my own barriers, resulting in me boring myself!  So I thought “why not!”  what is the worst that can happen .. well nothing really .. at the very least I make some nice new friends .. at the most .. I may just meet somone a wee bit special!

As the saying above says “The biggest risk one can take is not to take one”.

Roll on the 15th of October .. Im getting all excited already!