I found a wee picture on facebook today, posted by one of my friends that made me stop and think.

From the pages of facebook – Nadia

We have all, at one point in our lives been guilty of trying to rush things, trying to change people, their opinions or just our general life situation, to how we want them. We often forget that other people have an opinion or feelings and need their own time to think and sometimes how things develop are not how we want or envisage them.

Sometimes we are faced with a decision that seems to have no correct answer but we force ourselves to choose, often to ease our guilt or give our feelings an easier ride, when in reality we should just stop, do nothing and let life and time sort things out for us.

In life we do not always get what we want, or what we perceive to deserve, but what we often do is forget what we have in front of us right now.

So don’t force things, don’t hanker after what you haven’t got because when all is said and done, what we have right now is real . The past cannot be relived and the future is only a dream.