Well I had my first weigh in today, 6 days after I started my diet.  I have done well 4.5 pounds .. and in all we ate out 3 times during this period (actually 4 if you count my “last supper” that I had on the Thursday night!.    I have also been finding going without a ciggie a little easier.  I am still using patches but NOT chewing as much gum and not “thinking” about having a ciggie as often now either!

Only small steps so far, but at least I am moving in the right direction and I am quite pleased.

Next week I will start exercising properly.   I was thinking about taking up water aerobics again but the classes start at 6pm which is a little tight for me since I work until 5pm and often have to stay late.  I think I will plug in the Wii and try some of the fitness things on there.   It will also save me spending money so I will have yet ANOTHER benefit of this sudden “improve myself” mid life crisis I am going through!

Watch this space….