I have been neglecting my poor wee blog lately.  I have been writing a different blog for work and have been very, VERY busy, which is good but has meant that time for ME has been put on a backburner.

I have however decided to take back a little bit of control in my life.. and I’m not doing things by half!

I have started a diet .. which so far is going well and I’m giving up smoking – I only started my non smoking project today .. so very early stages.

The reasons for this are two fold, medically I have a few ongoing problems (diabetes, high cholrestoral and high blood pressure) so losing weight and stopping smoking are both a sensible idea.  More than this I WANT to lose weight and I WANT to stop smoking.  It has taken me a long time to get here but now I have reached the right place in my head I am determined to do it.

I am not a woman who is easily defeated, certainly I lose some battles but as the years have whooshed past and my greying hair comes to the fore, I have realised that the battles I have lost were never battles I was ever going to win.

Sometimes acceptance is a difficult pill to swallow, I know my pride (and my heart) have felt the pain of losing those battles, but in hindsight they have made me who I am.  I like myself, I am not perfect and I have done things in the past that perhaps I should regret, but I don’t .. they have made me who I am.

No-one else can help me with my quest of dieting or stopping smoking.. it is something I have to do myself 

So today, on Valentines Day I am giving myself the gift of taking back control. 

Happy Valentines everyone!