Mika and Fergus

We have had a very productive day today .. mainly to do with clearing out of things that we really have no use for.  These have included our guinea pig cage, hutch and run as poor wee ruiey has gone to the big strawbale in the sky.

Karen was out the back garden at the Kennel earlier (it is an actual dog kennel but we use it for “stuff”!) Mika and Lou Lou (one of the other cats) followed Karen down the garden.  Karen, spotting the horses in the field, went over to stroke them and was stunned to see Mika worming her way under the wooden fence towards the horse.  We are not actually sure if Mika was perhaps stalking the horse with a view to a very big “kill”.. but anyway …it ended up Mika and the horse nose to nose, the horse was really interested in her and she was really interested in it! .. it was lovely to see… I was in the kitchen watching it all unfold and Karen was scared to move incase she startled one or the other.   It just goes to show you can’t judge your friends on appearance and sometimes the unlikliest of friendships can occur. 

The garden and horse field in slightly snowier times!