… Well Water Aerobics to be precise.   I was a regular (twice a week!) for almost a year but the local pool closed for modernisation for 3 months and I have just never got back into the habit… but I must .. the non smoking is going very well, the diet is going well (with the odd little cheat!) but I really must do some exercise.  I did think that I would just use the Wii and make a fool of myself in the living room, but for some reason I walk into the livingroom and my arse just gravitates towards my comfy chair!

I really have no excuse… the nights are getting longer, the weather (hopefully!) improving it is just ME!  I am the reason I don’t go .. I just need to force myself out of the door once or twice and I will be back into the routine!

I really enjoyed it before.. there was a nice crowd that went and we had a right laugh .. I just got lazy!

So this weekend I am looking out my cossie .. shaving my legs and preparing myself to go .. I will .. I will .. I will!