The internet has had probably the biggest effect on personal relationships since the invention of the pill!

These days people do not have to leave the comfort of their slippers to meet new friends and lovers via the internet.

On the plus side, for a singly like me it does allow me to communicate with other lesbians from anywhere in the world to chat, socialise and generally have a laugh.

On the negative side it is easy to “fall” for someone without ever meeting them, the person you “want” is the person you have made up in your head which, more often than not, does not always match the real person.

I am very active on Facebook and Pink Sofa to name but two and I have a large amount of friends on both that I chat and joke with.  I have also met lovers off various sites, especially the old AOL Utopia boards.  I have met some wonderful people who I enjoy “real life” friendships with now and I have met some lovely lovers in the past who still bring a wee smile to my face.

Now, as an “older” lesbian back on the scene after an absence of 8 years I am slightly taken aback by the urgency that social media has brought to relationships.  I have never been one to “jump in” .. I like to “date” .. it takes me a month or two to make my mind up whether a relationship may or may not work.  I need to see through the lust to know whether I can really trust someone enough to give them my heart.    On the flip side, and being perfectly honest, I can meet someone knowing that there is never going to be a “relationship” just a friendship with the occassional “brief encounter”.

I can’t explain how or why I can separate love and sex, I just can.  Sex is important to me but more than that I need someone who I can be happy with without the sex but with affection.  

Until that someone appears (and as yet no sign of them on the horizon!) I will continue to make new friends on the internet and in real life with hopefully the odd “brief encounter” to make me smile!