Actually we all do!

Affection does come in many guises from snuggling up to someone close, to having a wee secret joke that no-one else gets and to simply a kind word or look or an unexpected gift just because someone thought of you.

Singledom in all its glory can be a happy place, and for the main I am quite settled but sometimes I miss the closeness of being with someone special.   I have great friends on and off line who are always ready with a funny comment or a kind word but it would be nice to find someone who wants to listen to my inane ramblings and rubbish jokes and who wants to snuggle in.

I asked some of the girls on PinkSofa what they missed most (apart from sex!) from not being in a relationship, and they pretty much reflected what I feel.   However it is not a trait that is wholly confined to the world of lesbians but to everyone.

Singledom can be lonely at times.  However being IN a relationship that is lacking in affection hurts a lot more than being lonely outside a relationship, it is extremely frustrating and soul destroying and slowly but surely saps your confidence.

Lets stand tall out there singlies! .. our time will come!  Until then .. sit back, smile and accept that all good things come to those who wait!