My friend (who is still too shy to write anything herself .. she should!)  sent me the above picture and asked me to write on the following:

“Hi..thought of a blog about ladies who hang on until the end because they feel its the right thing to do..although the relationship was over a long time ago or those who have tried to hold onto the love that is no longer given by the partner ! As we have all done !”

Bit of a touchy subject for me  and something I do not yet feel comfortable writing about in great detail suffice to say that I was in a long term relationship, where in my heart of hearts,  I knew was over about 4 years before it actually ended. Even though I was reassured time and time again that it wasn’t “me” that was the problem, I think I really knew it was.  I was just too proud to accept that someone didnt love me. 

In the end, even I stopped feeling, the only emotion was frustration and there was simply no affection.   I lost me somewhere along the line and I couldn’t go through the rest of my life in a relationship that was lacking that much.

I won’t say it was loveless relationship, I loved my ex in a much deeper way than I had loved before, in a “real” sort of way and I do still love her and I know she loves me, but somewhere we lost that special “something” and became friends. 

In the end that wasn’t enough for either of us.