All of us, at sometimes have found ourselves single, whether through choice, or it being forced upon us.   The reaction to becoming single depends very much on the circumstances. 

I have sat and watched people online desperate to find a relationship, the need to “belong” to someone more important than to belong to themselves.

I am single through choice (although a very hard choice to make) and I am in no hurry to rush into another relationship.  

Of course being single does have it’s disadvantages, no opportunity for affection and sex being the main reasons, but for me it was having to cook (really .. I’m not lying!).

As for my life right now, I choose where I want to go, I choose who I want to see, I choose things that please ME! 

I guess I’m that little bit older now and realise that the only person who can make me happy is myself, it is a big responsibility to expect anyone to make your life complete.  My life is complete, I have everything I need. 

Needing and wanting are very different things, I want someone in my life to share the good times with but I don’t need them to enjoy my life.

I sit and watch with amazement the constant and rather sad messages that appear from people who need someone to make them feel complete.  It is a massive show of lack of self worth and people rush into relationships with all guns blazing only to find that down the line they had been blinded by the passion and had not stopped to realise what they really wanted.  Relationships built on need never last.  They never will.

Learn to love yourselves ladies, when you do the world will open up to you.. and so will hearts.