I’ve always been a cautious person with my heart.   I’ve always been cautious with who I let in to see the “whole” of me.

I am a woman of many sides but people sometimes only get to know part of me as I keep the other parts of me hidden and protected.  Sometimes I have made a mistake and let people in only to be left feeling disappointed or hurt with them, but it has all been worthwhile as all the experiences have made me who I am and I am very comfortable with that now.

Often in relationships I have left part of me to one side, part of me that hasn’t shone for a variety of reasons, more often than not I have mothballed my interests in an attempt to change into the person my partner wants me to be.

I have written before about what I now want and how I no longer will compromise on this.  Often I have had to balance with what I want with what I have and in the end it is never enough for me.  I have come to realise that I need someone who can accept and appreciate all of me, someone who understands that some nights I just want to read, or write or be a slob.  I get frustrated with always having to do things that do not interest me and in the end I just stop doing them.

I realise that what I now need is someone “just like me…” who has the same values, interests and thoughts on the world.  I have done the “opposites attract” thing and it’s not for me.  Now I need someone on my wavelength who can discuss the things I really want to talk about .. someone who can be open with feelings BUT cautious and controlled with them until the time is right.  Someone who has felt the pain of a broken heart, has battled life and won and who understands that people need to be themselves in order to grow.  I think I may have found someone….

I wrote this a few months ago … but right now it has never been so relevant …    The Mirror