Life is a funny old thing… just when you think you know what it is all about, it flings you a curve ball.

This weekend has been a bit of a turning point for me.   I have been sticking my head in the sand over a lot of things due to being so frustrated with myself and my lack of being able to feel.

I had given up on any sort of relationship .. I couldn’t let my heart go .. I kept it to myself.

I do not know what the magic key was .. or how someone managed to find it so quickly, but something very special and very surprising happened to me this weekend.

To say I am surprised is an understatement .. but it is the most welcome and beautiful surprise that has completely bowled me over in the nicest way possible.

Thank goodness for surprises and for someone who managed to show that you should never give up on your feelings.

Sometimes you just have to take life and what it throws at you and run with it .. I have a feeling this is going to be a marathon ….