Ahhhh… good old lesbian drama!    Life would really not be the same without it.

Today has been one of those days when I have been flung into confusion whether to feel sorry for someone or decide to let them fester because of their unique refusal to accept responsibility for their own actions.

Sadly I have seen this often and even within a previous relationship I was in many years ago.

Bullies, whether they are gay, straight, male or female are all out of the same batch of rotten apples.  Everyone else is to blame for their situation, they turn stories around to become the victim and gain sympathy whilst all along refusing to accept responsibility for their actions.  This is called in medical terms “Projection

I have no time for these people.   To me they are a waste of my time and something that I would compare to what I often find at the bottom of my shoe.

I have, sadly, had to drop friends from facebook who I know are connected to this woman.  It is not a personal slight against them but done to stop the childish pathetic vitriol of a sad and pathetic woman.  It has also been done to stop the police getting involved.

This woman will never have a successful relationship, her jealousy and need for utter control will ruin every single relationship that some poor soul is liable to have with her.  She will use friends for her own needs and will bully and rant at every opportunity.

Her main point of anger is that I now have what she wants.   She had it, but blew it because of her actions.  The blame for this lies firmly at her feet.  How much do you bet that she will never accept that.   It will be everyone else’s fault but her own.

So, if I have dropped you from my friends list on Facebook, I’m sorry… but I have no wish for this woman to know of anything that I am doing with my partner and my life.    I will be happy to accept you back anytime, but only when you no longer have a connection to this woman.

Oh and yes .. by the way it was me that reported her on Pinksofa .. she had already been banned under at least 1 of her screen-names and if I see her on there again under yet another, I will report her immediately.