Sometimes … just sometimes … I could swear!

Tonight I have been a domestic goddess (unusual, I know!) …

I cooked a lovely salmon pasta, have strawberry jam bubbling away in my slow cooker, tidied up and done a HUGE washing.

It’s a lovely sunny evening here, windy, perfect for drying.

Out I went and hung all my washing up… thought nothing much of the line getting lower as I was hanging up my very last t-shirt until suddenly all my washing was on the grass!

My big metal pole that holds the line up had snapped at the base…. there was cursing aplenty (pity my poor Jehovah’s Witness neighbours!) …

It’s completely broken, caput .. deeded … but luckily I managed to tie the end of it to a hook on my wall so at least I managed to get my washing dry but I fear my DIY repair will not last long and the line has a big black blob of black paint in the middle of it (my fault .. I painted the pole last summer and couldn’t be bothered untying the line from round the now deeded pole!)

Do I invest in a whirly one… do I buy a new pole?  or do I simply buy a long new line and replace the one I have … the Fifer in me says just buy a new line …   I bet I do!   As they say about us lot … “short arms .. deep pockets”

Pahhhh ….