I’m home ..  brown, relaxed and happy.

Lesbos proved to be just what I needed to get over recent disappointments and confusion in my personal life and allowed me to see things clearly and put it all into perspective.

I really do wish there was someway of being able to have an extended holiday over there .. a couple of months there would be fantastic.   Maybe it is a wee plan I should work on .. we shall see!

I have to say thanks to the “long term” visitors to the island who made us feel so welcome and it was lovely to meet such friendly and interesting people.   I was also delighted to meet Mandy and Terri from Briticana  (www.briticanamusic.com) who entertained us in the bars and on the beach (lets not mention the skinny dipping!) with wonderful music.   They really are worth a listen too .. and their music will always stir wonderful memories for me.

The girls from the Rock Club make a huge effort to welcome new people into the group and even though I didn’t feel confident enough to swim to the rock (my fear of being harpooned by some Japanese whaling trawler being the main reason!) I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Budda Bar in my role as cheerleader .. or chief coffee drinker!

We were also lucky enough to be taken under the wing of Pam Crosby who not only showed us her home and her puppies (the 4 legged type) but also some of the local area that we would never have discovered on our own .. she also introduced us to the biggest pork chops you have ever seen .. I didn’t see any pigs on the island but my gawd they must be bloody huge!

I am planning a return … unfortunately it won’t be this year due to other holiday committments but next year I will be there .. I may even try the swim .. we shall see ..  like life itself time will tell!