Today has been a mix of good and bad.

Good because Karen and I have finally got our heads together and planned out the next two years of our business.

Also good because I managed to pick up a new client with two new permanent jobs and hopefully more future business.

Bad because I sat in the office until 5.30pm waiting on my new phone to arrive from Orange.   They sent a text to say it would be delivered by 5.30pm and it wasn’t.   Now I don’t know if I can fully blame Orange as they did send me a text to say it had been dispatched and would be delivered by UKMAIL .. but it hasn’t arrived and if Orange use an unreliable courier for delivery of their goods that is not my problem but theirs.

I will be on the phone tomorrow .. I can’t stand bad customer service, if I ran my business as shoddy as some of the big boys out there I wouldn’t have a business .. sometimes I could kick ass big style.

Anyway .. my wee rant over .. it’s nearly the weekend and my big barbeque .. I think there is around 30 coming .. bugger the weather too .. if it rains I have my gazebo and my big tent .. I’m up for a weekend of a laughing and spending time with some really nice, lovely friends.

I think I may also get drunk!  I haven’t been drunk in ages! .. although granted was a bit squiffy one afternoon in Lesbos .. (had to go back to the hotel for a wee sleep before I went out for dinner that night – what a wimp!)… anyway .. me and “ma dug” are quite excited about it … maybe I will have my new phone by then .. if not .. it will be in someone’s anus!