There are things in life that are unexpectedly enjoyable.    I was introduced to a site for ex Army women on Facebook and since I have joined I have met friends of old and some lovely new people online who make me guffaw with laughter.

The surprise has been our common pride we all have of our backgrounds and our time in the WRAC, we share a common love of those days of square bashing, pot washing, smartly ironed creases and shiny shoes!

The WRAC was a great turning point in my life.   I always knew I was “different”, I had boyfriends, that I didn’t want to sleep with and much preferred to be playing hockey than dating!

Then I joined up.   I very quickly learned why I had always felt I was “marching out of step” with everyone else that I knew.

.. and so started my awakening as a lesbian .. and the rest, so the say, is history.

I have been around the block (and in the words of Melissa Etheridge) three times, maybe four, but sometimes, I am taken aback at my lack of knowledge or my lack of foresight into situations.

This week has been no different, there was something right in front of me that I never noticed, I cannot believe I was so ignorant of facts that have since been pointed out to me <smile> but there you go … sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Whatever happens next is not just my decision but even if nothing does come of this.. it has given me a smile, put a bit of swagger back into this decrepit old fool and made me realise that perhaps Im not the old has been I thought I was!

It has given me something to think about..  but at least it is a very pleasant thing!

There is a saying that you may forget what people say, but you never forget what they make you feel.

I can only be grateful.   Thank you  <smile>