I have just returned from holiday.   Now.. for me holiday’s are all about good company, hearty laughs and good memories.   This however was a holiday from hell!  It was thankfully just for a week (although even then it felt like a month!).

Actually, that is probably a bit cruel, there were some light fun moments but mostly it was a week of bickering and arguing between my mum and my sister.

They do actually still live together and this is “normal”, maybe it is for them, but it certainly wasn’t for me.

By the second day I could have happily packed my bags and come home but the pair of them haven’t had a holiday in 3 years so I felt a bit guilty about feeling so fed up with them both.

My sister does have her funny ways .. and my mum still treats her like a child, pandering to her all the time.

There are issue’s with my sister that we all know we have to accept BUT my mum has not helped the situation at all, she has made a rod for her own back by letting my sister off with things that are totally unacceptable.   The problem will be the future for my sister.    She is capable of living on her own but she will become a hermit, she refuses to throw anything away and she has “habits” that are torturous (including shaving her whole face!).

I know she is my sister and my mum mentioned about me “looking after her” when the time comes.   I have been very honest and said I will not do that.    I cannot cope with her.   I don’t want that responsibility either.

I may sound cruel and heartless, so be it, but most of the problems have arisen because of my mums refusal to get assistance or support for my sister.     I refuse to inherit that.