We all have our ideas about values and morals within a relationship,  our “what is right and what is wrong” ideals that we try to live to. Unfortunately often our ideas are flung to the wayside as our rather more “basic” needs come to the fore! *smile*

Occasionally our ideas of right and wrong do not match our partners ideas, or our intentions are misunderstood.   This is not a fault, but simply human nature and we all, as humans, have different ideas and outlooks.   The secret to a more harmonious meeting of these values between two people is simple communication and understanding.

I completely messed up the other evening.  For what I meant as respect was taken as being unfeeling and I hurt the one person in the world who I care very deeply for in a very personal way.  I had no idea at the time that I was causing any hurt but boy did I find out about it afterwards!  *smile*

I honestly thought I was being respectful and showing consideration, my intention was to be honourable (not often I say that!) and instead I just managed to cock up!

So, in future, I will dance to the music of the devil ..   beware … these lips are just waiting <grin>