I have been a bit busy lately .. my poor blog has suffered from a serious lack of attention.

My attention has been elsewhere .. mostly with my Senorita.. but also with a new addition to my wee family .. Bo!   A very cute and very cheeky wee kitten that is now ruling over Brae and I!

Brae absolutely loves her and they are currently cavorting round the living room playing tuggies with a dog toy!  I fear Brae has forgotten that cats have a sharp end.

Apart from the animal business I have been busy with my Senorita, we had a lovely long weekend away with friends and  a fabulous weekend being all touristy visiting The House for Art Lovers in Glasgow and the Falkirk Wheel!

Next weekend we are off to Glasgow again, this time for an overnight stay in a lovely hotel and a weekend of touristy stuff again and a night out in Glasgow.   Im quite excited about it all .. it’s been years since I have partied in Glasgow!

My Senorita is very keen to see some of the old buildings  (no smart comments about ancient relics please!!) .. and I must admit I really don’t know Glasgow well at all, so it will be a bit of eye opener for me too!

It is a nice time for me at the moment.   I am happy and contented in my private life and although I am stressed with new technology (that is crap!) in work .. I just try to remember that there are far more important things in life than work.

Right now there is!