I’m bloody angry …  A couple of months ago I upgraded my fabby HTC Hero for another HTC phone .. the Wildfire S.

It is a monthly contract with Orange, which I have had for a few years and my phone is used for both work and personal use.

When you receive a new upgrade you have a couple of weeks to return it if you are not happy.  Fine … great deal.

Yeh fine… until a month later when you are trying to update applications your phone tells you it is out of memory.

So .. what do you do .. you do the responsible thing and move all applications you can move to your sim card.  Problem solved.

Yeh right … from then on in, the phone refuses to update applications and continues to tell you that you have no memory and need to free more up.   So .. you remove applications that you really do want (otherwise you wouldn’t have downloaded them in the first place).

Fixed… nope .. your phone refuses to let you into applications that you still have, refuses to allow you to back things up, loses numbers, loses addresses and generally isn’t fit for purpose unless you want to just phone and text people (why bother with a smart phone then!)

So I looked up information on the internet .. guess what .. this is a known problem!   So I phoned Orange, thinking that being a huge multinational company they would recognise that phones that they are passing off as smart phones are really just a pile of crap.

Did they .. did they heck… they just kept saying I had 2 weeks to return it when I upgraded.   It was working bloody fine then it was after a month it started to go wrong!

I am fuming with Orange… their total lack of customer care is frankly appalling and their refusal to accept that they are passing off equipment that is not fit to be used for the reason it was bought (my choice being informed by their own reviews and assessments)  is, in my opinion, nothing short of fraud.

HTC (who I have spoken so highly off in the past), have left me disappointed and frustrated.   Our work contract phone is up for renewal next month and I am will have to forgo updating the general work mobile in order that I can have a phone that actually does work properly, allowing me access to emails, the web and other information that I require for work.

The Roman empire that was all conquering eventually failed due to being slap dash and uncaring.    Oh how I pray that day comes around soon for Orange.