….   well ok .. not quite true, it is actually a bike .. but I couldn’t think of a witty title!

I do already own a mountain bike but it has 16 gears .. which means my legs end up spinning aimlessly or I fall off .. so I have decided to take a step back and buy a good “auld fashioned” ladies bike with 3 gears (and a basket to hold important things like cigarettes and chocolate!).

It is actually a way of me being able to exercise without causing me too much back pain … and it “should” help me lose weight too!     The plan is that my Senorita will run and I will cycle along beside her!

I am also having my mountain bike altered to fit my Senorita (since she is so much taller than me!) … although I fear that there may a wee Spanish fit or two when she realises that our cycling abilities are miles apart and she will get very fed up waiting on me trundling up behind her!

If the weather is nice this weekend (and my bike rack for the car arrives in time!) we may take ourselves off for a day of exercise .. MY GAWD did I really just say that!

I need chocolate ….