Over the past few days I have realised how lucky I am to have friends as good as I have.   All my friends are very special to me .. and those that know me well know how much I treasure their friendship.

What I enjoy most about my friends is that each one of them is unique in their own way and all of them, without exception, are kind and loving people.

When I look around at my friends I see people who care for and rescue animals, give up their time to train and then heartrendingly rehome their 4 legged charges and probably the biggest gift of all, open their hearts and their home to children who need the love and affection of two of the biggest hearts I know.

These people do not do it for the public “glory” or recognition… or the money .. they do it because it feels right in their hearts.

Friendship, whatever our differences, is possible only because of shared values.

Money cannot buy friendship and if it did… I could never afford the friends I have!

So, for all of you (I won’t embarrass you by naming you!) ..thank you..  love is the only currency you will ever need.