Today I signed on.   I am officially unemployed.   Ironic since I ran a recruitment agency but no matter… I am just another figure that will probably disappear from the governments figures somewhere along the line *smile*

It has been difficult closing Brae Scotland.   It has been “my baby” and of course Karen’s baby too … we started it nearly 8 years ago from a back bedroom and watched it grow very quickly.  It did, for a long time, take up most of our lives and to be fair it gave us back what we put in.   Lately it has been a different story.  Over the last couple of years we have watched it begin to slide away and the stress build.   So although it is sad that we have had to say goodbye to it, in a way we are very happy to say hello to our new futures.

I do plan to train to be a non religious Celebrant.  I am doing a course in Glasgow and by the end of August, hopefully, I should be qualified.

In the meantime I have to sign on.   Which was a bit strange to say the least, but, after all the horror stories I have heard about the Job Centre I have to say that the lady “Janet” who dealt with me could not have been more helpful.

I explained what I planned to do and that I had already booked and paid for a course and she has pointed me in the direction of Business Gateway, she even arranged an appointment for me and explained what benefits I would be entitled to during the set up and start up of my new venture.

It is all very positive.. and Im looking forward to it.   I cannot get an appointment until the 22nd of August though and in the meantime I have to apply for jobs … now .. Im 52, I have arthritis in my back, knees, fingers and elbow .. (who in their right mind will give me a job) LOL … (I should also mention that I am bossy and very crabbit at times!).

Anyway … for the next few weeks I will apply for jobs, because if I don’t they won’t give me money … I do not have a lot of savings, but I do have some .. which is a good job because when I came home and worked out my bills and what I will receive I have the massive total of £17.68 a MONTH to live on .. (that includes buying food!) …. hey ho… I guess I will be losing some weight then LOL

Anyway, a couple of hard months won’t bother me too much .. I’ve been through rougher times .. I will simply get my head down and get on with it.    

Between now and the 22nd I can do all my background work that I want to do, in fact I have done a good deal of it already, but I want to start developing a database of useful contacts so I can hit the ground running.

I am really looking forward to this new challenge.  I am excited about it ..  you may not see a lot of me socially for the next couple of months, but I am here if any of you lot want to pop in!!

Here is to the future …. with a smile!