…. I am too busy to think about “stuff” that I would like to write about …. my thoughts have been taken up with the writing I am doing for my ceremonies and it seems to have drained my need to write a blog.

In a way it is a good thing … I just love the job I am doing now and I love writing something that means so much to them.  In a way it has almost turned on it’s head.  Now, instead of writing for me, I am writing for other people and there is something very satisfying when you present your tribute to a family and they are happy.

My only wee “irk” about the job is singing … I am not a good singer and even though I have been practicing like mad …put me in front of a crowd of mourners and my voice turns into this high pitched squeak … I pity the poor buggers who have to listen to me!

There have been some fantastic stories and characters … some tributes are like performing a stand up comedy act, others are a bit more solemn but still with a touch of humour.

I have had more than a few comments great regarding the tributes I have written but in all honesty, a good tribute can only be put together if you have the stories from the families.

Next week I am doing one that will entail me standing up and ringing a bell for last orders!    I am so excited about it (can you practice bell ringing?).

Apart from work, I have been quite busy on the social side of things … getting out and about now the nights are longer and having a fantastic laugh with a few of my friends.

I am also waiting delivery of a new suite … so my corner sofa can go out into the summerhouse .. I am painting the inside of it this weekend .. I’ve been meaning to do that for a couple of years but just never got round to it .. so .. this weekend I will!  *determined look”

I also have to paint the outside of it again … I tried painting it green .. but it is horrible .. I dinny like it at all!   so I may (weather permitting!) tackle that again … 

I have a few busy months lined up and I have eventually learned how to stop stressing about things … life at the moment is just fabulous … long may it continue!