In our lives we meet people who will end up being unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Not the ex’s or friends who betray and hurt us but the lovers and friends who stand by you through your tough times and try to help you find your peace again.

Each lover we have is not necessarily the one we will hold forever but to have someone in your life who you have loved and continue to love in a different sort of way is probably one of the most important things that we can have.   This love is more heartfelt and sincere than any other.

If we are really lucky we will meet friends who inspire us, make us smile in those wee quiet moments when we are alone and who make our life that little bit better by just being there and knowing they care.

Sometimes we never tell these people how much their friendship and love mean to us.  We are often embarrassed by it, scared of what other people will think, forgetting that the life we lead belongs to us, not to them.

So, to my special friends out there (if you are thinking “is this about me?” then it probably is!)

Don’t stop being who you are.   You mean more to me that I will ever tell you.