We all have limits.   Whether it be emotional or physical.   There is a point when we have admit that we cannot continue.   This is not failure this is simply recognising that the limits we can work and live to and adjusting our lives or our emotions to live within these boundaries.

I am beginning to know and understand my limits, perhaps for me I see things in a very black and white way.  I do not handle the “grey areas” of life well.  Something either is or it isn’t, I’m not comfortable or easy with anything else so I live my life as open as I can.  Some people like this about me, some do not.  There is nothing I can do about that and gave up worrying about this a long time ago.

Sometimes I lose myself, I fall into the grey area and get trapped in a cage surrounded by doubt and fear.   This is when I begin to allow stress to envelope me and I fall into a pit where nothing makes sense.   It is a vicious circle that is hard to break and guilt and duty keep me there as I fight, often in vain, to try to save something that isn’t always worth fighting for.

I am by nature quite trusting, maybe it is a fault, maybe it isn’t I don’t know, but I have been forced to draw a line in the sand and just accept that somethings and some people will cross the line and that there is nothing I can do about this apart from walk away.