I have always thought I was a bit cynical about love these days.    I think most women of “a certain age” reach this point in life when they decide they are better off being happy on their own than unhappy in a relationship that doesn’t feel right.

Well … the unthinkable has happened … I have fallen in love.  I am in love with a woman who makes me laugh, frustrates me, annoys me and who sometimes needs a good kick up the arse.  A woman who loves her friends, loves socialising, loves time on her own, sometimes is a little inappropriate and sometimes a bit grumpy and impatient.   A clown, a deep thinker, a woman who takes no shit but sometimes needs to learn to keep her mouth shut.  A woman who hates liars and will stand and fight her corner to the very end.    A woman who likes to give and loves to see other people smile.  A woman who knows she is not perfect and has no wish to be, a woman who suffers from guilt and responsibility and needs someone who can make her realise that she cannot always fix things or people.  A woman who knows that she will not always win, but will never give up.   A woman who accepts that you cannot always get what (or who!) you want … but is happy to tell them she loves them, a woman who accepts that the “one that got away” actually gave her a great gift that she can never repay…  (this is NOT referring to any ex relationship!)

It has taken me a long, long time to find this woman … I have no intention of letting her go .. but I know I am willing to share her with someone just like her …. a strange thing to say ..  no, not really … the woman I love is me.     I’m just glad I have found her.