Ohhhh .. I have my wee chicken face on today … (and not because of lack of sleep).

I live down a wee country lane just outside Dunfermline … Fife Council in all their wisdom decided that our lane was too “bumpy” and caused “too much vibration” for the workers in the rubbish lorries (no .. I am not kidding!)

They informed us that our bins (they gave us 2 extra bins for each household) were to be taken to the end of the lane for collection.    I contacted Fife Council as I have a dodgy back and cannot take the bins to the end of the lane if they are full.

I was informed by the Recycling Department that a mistake had been made and the bins should have been left at the end of the lane for us and that men would be sent out to move them.  Which they did.    Unfortunately the collection lorry had been round BEFORE they moved our bins so our general waste (which is now a blue bin and also the old general waste in a black bin) had not been emptied.

I contacted the council AGAIN to explain the situation and was assured that the bins (black and blue) would be collected and emptied.

Nothing has happened.    Today the bin lorry came round and stuck a sticker on the black bins sayng that they would not be emptied because the contain general rubbish … YES you bloody idiots THEY DO .. because YOU have not emptied them since the 26th of June!!

I have phoned the council again today .. they have 1 last chance to empty the black bins .. they MUST be emptied by 5pm tomorrow evening otherwise I will arrange private collection of the rubbish and bill the council for that AND my time and phonecalls.

I cannot believe such a large organisation such as Fife Council can get something so wrong .. is it incompetence, is it stupidity  or just a general apathy?

Who knows.. but empty my bins you stupid buggers!!!

Rant over!