Brae. A photo taken by Pam Wardlaw

Our life is a series of small journeys.   From birth to death we travel along different paths and roads, coming across crossroads and  hopefully choosing the direction we want to take but sometimes the direction we take is forced upon us and it is then we have the choice of enjoying our new route or being fearful of the path yet untread.

I have come to the end of a long journey of 27 years in recruitment.   A job that I have loved with passion for a long, long time.    Unfortunately the love affair has ended, my journey in recruitment has reached the finishing line.

Over recent years I have had the pleasure to share the journey with the most amazing 3 women, Karen (my business partner) and of course Kelly and Renata who have worked for us for the past 5 years.    As a boss I really could not have asked for better colleagues.  Loyalty, understanding and a good bit of cheek have made our days together enjoyable and it has been a pleasure to spend time with them.

Karen is a woman who I trust and always will and I know we are walking away with sorry hearts but at the same time with our heads held high as we know we have always worked to a high level of compassion and ethics.

I am proud of my career, I am proud of my “gals” … I look back and I smile .. but now it is time to look forward.

Here is to the future, to friends, past, present and future … and more than anything to the next crossroads…

I had better get my walking shoes on ….