It was a very strange day today.  We finished sorting out and cleaning the office and then Karen and Lauren (who came down to help) left and I had to wait as my car was having the sign writing removed.

I sat on my chair, at my desk and looked around and remembered how exciting it had all been when we first moved in… I remembered the days of starting up and working from home … having to work 18 hours a day with over 90 staff at one company alone … it was exhausting .. but fun … even if I did spend most of my day swearing like the ex trooper that I am.

It is sad to watch something slowly fail.   The economic situation pulled the carpet out from under our feet and although we did try very hard to stop the slow slide, eventually it took it’s toll on me .. and on Karen … and we know that we both gradually lost the fire that we had both once had for the business.

We are proud that we did not sway with the winds of change and introduce zero hour contracts or use umbrella bodies to pay temporary staff,  We stuck the the rules, we stuck to the good old fashioned PAYE method because it is fairer to temporary staff, who were our bread and butter of the business.

We stuck to our morals and I am proud of that.

Today we put Brae Scotland to rest … with our heads held high but a sad sinking feeling in our stomachs.    It was the right thing to do, to put it, and us out of our misery but tonight it feels very final.

it was sad to look around after everyone had left and see the shell of a building and the empty chairs and desks.

i admit to having a few tears then and a few tears now as I am writing this.

Rest in peace Brae Scotland, I loved you from the start and I will keep many happy memories with me as I move on along the path of life.