Following on from a question on one of the facebook groups tonight … a question was asked .. “what is your idea of love?”

It is a very difficult question to answer as there are many types of love.   We are capable of loving people in very different ways, from the love we have for our family, the love for our friends or the love that can break our hearts.

Even a romantic love cannot be parceled up and put in a box.  I have had various lovers over the years that I have loved, but I have never loved the any of them in the same way.

I probably have a very boring view of love.  The passion and the drama are exciting at first but I soon tire of it and it is when this dies down that I begin to love, or not, as the case may be.

For me I need a love that gives me peace.  A love that is independent and true.   No drama, reliable, comfortable.    The sort of love where you can sit in silence doing nothing and being perfectly happy.   The sort of love when you think “we” instead of “I” and you feel comfortable in planning ahead.   

A partnership of peace and contentment.

Too boring for some I know.   But perfect for me.