The most frustrating thing about my life at the moment is my back and leg.   Over the past couple of months something that was a bit of an annoyance has now become something that has a major impact on what I can and cannot do.

After another round of xrays I was told by a doctor that the difficulty I have is because of arthritis in my hips (giving my pain in my legs and back) … he then referred me to a specialist. 

I had a phonecall yesterday to say that the specialist would not see me until I lost weight.   Granted I am overweight BUT I gave up sport because of the pain and now walking for more than a 100 yards means that I have to resort to a walking stick. 

I am not happy … I am in constant pain and now on 19 tablets a day .. the majority of which are painkillers.

I had to see the nurse today and had a long chat about my situation .. they have sent me to physiotherapy and other clinics but things have just become worse.    The nurse (Lou) was lovely… she gave me a target weight lost .. 4 stone! … which is no mean feat!

However, today I am positive, I have recently bought an exercise bike and have been using it .. (it doesn’t hurt as much as walking) and I have joined a slimming club online plus set up a wee group on Facebook for me and some friends to help each other with losing the flab!

The tears of frustration and annoyance from last night are behind me ..  hopefully by the time Fort William comes around again (a reunion for ex army girlies!) I may be three stone lighter …  it’s a target anyway!! 

Nothing lost nothing gained!!